Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Feeling Better

While i'm not 100%, things are definitely looking up. Yesterday 007 and I went to the hair salon and got my hair done. The hairdresser blew it dry straight (I have not seen myself with straight hair in 12 years, though i do fondly recall my twin sister's attempt to iron it once). I look like teeny weeny Angelina Jolie. Then we went to the best hotel in the city, the Memling, where we had drinks. Alright, mine was OJ, but it was fresh-squeezed and packed quite a punch. Today I went to work but kept things pretty light. I am eager to be back to my complete, normal self, but i think that will still take some time.


Blogger larry said...

Hi Sarah,glad your feeling some better.I check your blog regularly to see how your doing.

Love&Hug,s your [GREAT]uncle Larry

4:18 AM  

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