Friday, July 08, 2005

Chainsaws in K-Town

Made it back to Kindu, following three attempts to get on UN flights. In case people havent figured it out there was a law passed down during the post-independence flurry of legislation that required all Congo towns to be renamed with a "K" word. I'm kidding, it's some kind of koincidence.

I'm eerily happy to be back here. In a good mood last night, I even let this massive spider chilling on my bathroom wall live. Granted, I also had this vision of him attacking me if I tried to kill him with insect spray. Even waking up to the screaming children next door didnt bother me. Turns out today is also "let's test the project's chainsaws right outside the office window" day. So I've had conversations that include the phrase, "what was that? that last part of drowned out by the noise of two chainsaws harmonizing." And still, I laughed it off.

I think there should be a pool regarding exactly how long I can deal with chainsaws and spiders with a smile on my face. I am cautiously optimistic, however, that I have already dealt with the worst of Kindu and Congo, and having been slightly beaten down by that, I can only move up.


Blogger 007 in Africa said...

My money's on two days...

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