Friday, July 01, 2005

From Ethiopia

Been meaning to get to the internet, but half-hearted attempts for doing anything in Africa usually end in nothing getting done. So now I am paying an exhorbant rate at the Hilton because I don't feel like leaving the little luxurious exile that I have created here.

Ethiopia is a pretty amazing country. Started in Addis, then went to Ba Hadar, Gondar, Lalibela, and Aksum (all of which I am sure I mispelled). Can't wait to post some photos. Who knew that this place was full of such famous stuff. In fact, the Ark of the Covenant is supposedly here (if it in fact exists). There is a book called the Sign and the Seal that's all about whether it exists, and if it does, if its in Ethiopia. Even more importantly, an episode of the Amazing Race was filmed here. My tour guide in Lalibela worked for them and told me all about it. I still think my twin sister and I should be on that program. While we would have a good shot at winning, it's more the entertainment value that would be interesting.

I am checked into the Hilton because this trip is supposed to be relaxing, so thought i would tag some luxury on the end. I've been waking up early for flights and sight-seeing, got really sick one night (ick), and get tailed by kids asking me for money in any town where I walk. Kinda like Congo! (but without the sight-seeing). Speaking of my home away from home, June 30th came and went, with a death toll of only about seven. Not that that's good of course, but it had potential do be much worse. I imagine my friends are still holed up at the American school and at this point are probably beginning to cycle together. Best of luck, girls. Don't worry, gifts are one their way. Luckily the expat upper management are fine since they are...well...out of the country.

I think my decision to not go to America was a good one. It would have broken my Africa momentum and would have made going back to the Congo pretty hard. It would have only taken one night of good thai food with my girl friend in NY for me to think, "why the heck am i living in the Congo?" But the grass is always greener on the other side of the third world country. I know when I do go domestic I will miss riding on the backs of motorcycles and heading to remote villages by helicopter. I might even miss the uniqueness of living in that hot little dustball of Kindu. Who knows.

Heading back to Kinshasa tomorrow night, assuming that things are stable there.


Blogger midwest_hick said...

Never heard that the ark of the covenant was..or may be ...located there. Intereting.

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