Thursday, November 17, 2005

I just got married to a Congolese man

I'm only kidding. That's just a fun title to get my mom's heart beating a little faster. Once when I got a speeding ticket my sister broke it to her by first stating "Mom, I dropped out of school because I'm pregnant. Just kidding! Sarah got a speeding ticket." There are some honestly good Congolese guys but I'm happily single. I think my best friend (a guy) is convinced I'm dating one of the bolivian doctors, meanwhile my other guy friend thinks I'm with a local Brit, and I have no idea what the Bolivians think other than "what's this 18 year old doing in the Congo?" Alas, I am 28, but being 5'1 is a serious constraint to being taken seriously.

In other news, the my luggage (and my cheese) is still missing. My nice facial soap is touring the congo, along with my bikini, razor, H&M jacket, two bottles of wine, and other items that you wouldnt think you need in congo but you really really do. C'est la vie, c'est le Congo.


Anonymous danni said...

Hey cool..If u Are still there now..pls send me an line, was based in Kindu three years ago wanna know how life is down there now.
Brgds Danni

7:25 AM  

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