Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Home sweet....Kindu

Despite my temptations to stay in Zanzibar, I did return to Congo. I probably could have claimed mental health issues and my agency might have gone along with it...between planes and malaria and parasites, I've had my fair share of stressors. But responsibility got the better of me and here I am back in Kindu. I almost got stuck in Goma (my point of entry into Congo, it's a town on the border with Rwanda where I catch flights for Kindu, which can not be reached except by plane). My logistics person there told me the next flight was in four days! Luckily I called a friend in Kindu who happened to have progammed a flight for the next day, so I did get out. Ran into my lovely friend Emmet as I drove to the airport. He apparently isnt heading back to Kindu just yet, which is too bad, because he has the West Wing and Six Feet Under on DVD. We watch it on his laptop and try to set it really close to us so it looks bigger than it is.

Meanwhile, back in Kindu, my crew is struggling. My UN guys have been trying to switch posts for ages and once again have been screwed over. My German friend is trying to move her office to a nicer, more convenient town and is not getting very far. The line between work and friends has been blurred and a few pals are at odds. My dear friends the Indians have gone back to India and have been replaced with a whole new group. And (horror of all horrors) the South Africans have not gotten and will not be getting any more beer, so our main source of alcohol has been removed, as well as our Friday night hang out spot. Ouch. These are dark times.


Blogger Judy said...

Ack, no beer, tensions amongst friends, budget woes..... my friend viv is right - life isn't realism, it's melodrama. keep your chin up. in a mere 9 weeks we will take care of your beer shortage nicely.

7:33 PM  

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