Thursday, September 22, 2005

Close Encounters with Bats

I had a mouse or rat problem for a couple months in my apartment. No matter what poisoned goodies we left for them, each morning I would fine little droppings and puddles of pee in my guest room and a few other places. I was amazed at how they always went to the bathroom in the same exact spots. Also, I figured these must be the most acrobatic rats around, because they even left poo on top of the bed's mosquito net and in my coffee cup (ick).

Turns out I had bats, not rats. There are small windows close to my ceiling that are for ventilation. Several lack screens, so bats would zip in and out of the apartment. My friend surprised one that was hanging on the string holding up the mosquito net in the guest room. Yesterday I finally had the windows covered, but one snuck in a door that was cracked open. I pictured the bats bouncing off the screens in surprise and shock, thinking that they could take their normal paths. I wonder why they like my place so much. Must be the closest thing to a cave that they can find.

I have another bat story from the field that involved a baby bat in the shower walking towards me by using its wings as legs. It's probably one of the freakiest things I've ever seen, and I honestly hope no guards were around when I fled from it wearing only a towel.


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