Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Veronica Made Me Do It

I was going to create a little list of “reasons when you know you’re working too much” but I then I let it go. Let’s just say I’ve reached that point. I checked into a hotel over the weekend in order to escape work a bit. I watched the entire season of “Veronica Mars” on DVD. I think that’s about 18 hours of T.V. It was heavenly – pure escapism. And an awesome show that I am now a bit obsessed with. Thoughts about how to get 5,000 mosquito nets here are mixed with ones about whether Veronica will get back together with her old boyfriend or his unstable tortured soul best friend. Mosquito nets be damned.

Today I announced my resignation from the organizatoin that I work for. While getting my hands on Season 2 of Lost and Veronica Mars is important, I made the decision that it’s just overall time to reconnect with friends, family and the good ol’ USA. Should I happen to throw in an excursion to India or Bali in the fall (perk of this work – frequent flyer miles!), I will chalk that up to reconnecting with my less stressed self.

I will stick around work in Congo for the next two months in order to handover to someone else. I am actually planning on heading back to Kindu to visit my friends there before leaving.

I will not be posting for the next two weeks as I will be in the field implementing non-food item distributions. I am excited but darn tired when I think about it – this is what we’ve been putting in long hours to achieve. Will be heading to Zanzibar when I get back to de-stress. I will miss this work.


Blogger TheMalau said...

As I said in the other post, Congo needs people like you, and Congo will miss you. Thank you very much for the work that you have done - and are still doing. That said, yeah for sanity!!! So have a good trip to the US.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Adventure Eddy said...

You have a million friends in a million places, and wherever you turn up after Africa, there are going to be old friends glad to see you and happy to listen to your stories. As far as I'm concerned, you're now one of the Hulme old-school - my parents, uncles, cousins etc - who can weave tales of their time looking out over MAMOBA*... And remind me that I've never experienced it. Anyway. Hope to see you, Sahara Sarah. [*=miles and miles of bloody Africa.]

9:21 PM  
Anonymous roadworks said...

Sarah--You've got some very good dispatches on this blog. I'm doing a story for National Geographic Adventure magazine on far-flung folks like yourself. I'd like to include you in it. How can we get in email touch apart from this public site? I'm on the usual deadline. Thanks! Cheers, Joe

1:46 AM  
Blogger Sahara Sarah said...

hi joe,
you can email me at been out in the field for a bit so might have missed the deadline window, but i guess that's what i get for living in a far-flung place, eh?

9:13 AM  
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