Monday, July 11, 2005

Hammers in K-Town

Now they've moved on from testing chainsaws to hammering into the cement underneath my apartment (installing security bars for our warehouse). Unfortunately yesterday I was quite sick (just think of all manners that things can leave your body and combine that with a bucket flush toilet. ick!) so my energy and love for Kindu are on the down side. However, I will prevail. The important thing is to 1) have low life-style standards, 2) at least succeed at work, 3) wear ear-plugs, and 4) start planning that October trip to Tanzania. My new motto: Zanzibar will make everything okay.

Saturday night I went to the Indian base for a going away party for the Bolivian contigent. Being one of the only ex-pat girls in town, at least ten guys had their friend's take photos with me. I don't know what's Spanish for "this was my girlfriend in the Congo," but something tells me that that's going to be the story they tell.


Anonymous George said...

"estaba mi novia en el Congo" (or something close to that, my spanish is a bit rusty and there's not much oppty to practice in Kigali)... and you're absolutely right, you'll be the intended of many of them. good times. :-)

7:42 PM  

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